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Far Flung is committed to giving you the best information on the holiday destinations you want. We currently have the Caribbean, California and Dubai with Europe and South Africa planned for the near future.

Far-Flung also offers investors in Dubai property a guide to buying property in Dubai and includes a list of available properties in our comprehensive portfolio.

Our Comprehensive on line travel guide lists extensive information on destinations around the globe including a in depth reviews on Hotels and Restaurants.

Far Flung travel guides are also great source of information for local activies sure as Golf and Sailing and local must see attractions. Car Hire and local amenities are also featured.

We have recently added far-flung's guide to travel agents in the UK and look out for our recommended travel insurance and last-minute holiday guides.

Our Caribbean experience section also has details of caribbean cruise lines and ships.

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The message board is a great way to keep in touch with friend back home and to sure your expreiences with other travelers.

At far flung we welcome suggestions from our readers! Do you have a favourite hotel or restarant you want us to review? or do you want to post a review of your own ( if you have photos, even better, send us an email via the link below and we will do the rest.

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If you are looking to buy or rent property in Dubai go to our Dubai Property page or Armada Towers page for further information.

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