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Central Coast of California

Far Flung features the spectacular Central Coast of California. It is in the coastal region that most holidaymakers spend their time in California. The magnificent Pacific coastline Central California Coast and Highway 1 as seen from Gamboa Point boasts one of the most spectacular roads in the world the, breathtakingly scenic, Pacific Coast Highway 1. This king amongst highways runs cheek by jowl with the ocean from Northern California, all the way to Southern California and the Mexican Border. Along the way you will drive through some of the most magnificent coastal vistas on the planet. From the rugged splendour of Big Sur to the sun kissed sands of Santa Monica there is always something to take your breath away on Highway 1.

The Central Coast region offers long sandy beaches and rocky coastline vistas, wine country tours and artisan villages. Visitors can enjoy quaint country inns and ocean side cottages. Opportunities for surfing, water skiing, hiking, biking, horse back riding, shopping and wine tasting all abound on the central coast. Most of Central Coast California is encompassed by Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties. Central Coast Region Vineyards and wineries are getting the recognition and comparison to the Napa Valley Wine Region. Other activities such as equestrian training, horse stables, ranches, and agricultural research are what the Central coast region is famous for. The weather is warm and the scenery of the Central Coast is so beautiful in the summer that you will never want to leave. There are many places to visit and lots of interesting things to do.

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