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North Coast of California

Far Flung features the spectacular North Coast of California. After you north coast map have read and digested all we have written about this wonderful holiday destination we will help you with every facet of planning, booking and savouring that tingle of anticipation that comes with a major trip to the Golden State. We will offer you the latest offers and best deals for your cheap flight to California, Hotels in California, best-priced tickets for Disneyland California, all your accommodation in California if you are traveling, plus the cheapest car hire in California, a guide to the wine country with a guide to the best California wine to sample. We leave nothing to chance for your holidays in California so while you are "California Dreaming"; we are constantly updating the offers in our California guide so that you can rest happy "on such a winter's day!

It is in the coastal region that most holidaymakers spend their time in California. sanfrancisco trolley car The magnificent Pacific coastline boasts one of the most spectacular roads in the world the, breathtakingly scenic, Pacific Coast Highway 1. This king amongst highways runs cheek by jowl with the ocean from Northern California, all the way to Southern California and the Mexican Border. Along the way you will drive through some of the most magnificent coastal vistas on the planet. From the rugged splendour of Big Sur to the sun kissed sands of Santa Monica there is always something to take your breath away on Highway 1.

  • Point Reyes

  • Most of the Northern Coast of California is a remote paradise of red wood trees, a wild coastline with a cool climate even during the summer. A sizeable portion of the north is National park, which provides a spectacular playground for hiking, fishing, horseback riding and camping. There are many places to visit and many interesting things to do. There are ranches, orchards, and farmlands in the coastal areas of Northern California. Point Reyes National Seashore is a national park that provides hundred of miles of trails. Point Reyes is a diversity from the windswept bluffs at Mount Tomales Point and its herd of tule elk, to the steep ridgelines of dense forest, miles and miles of vacant beaches.
  • San Francisco

  • The San Francisco Bay Area is home to the city of San Francisco, generally seen as one of the coolest places on the planet; the liberal haven of Berkeley; and Silicon Valley, home to a multitude of high-tech companies. The wine-producing Napa Valley is a short distance to the north. San Francisco is world famous for its tourist attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach, Golden Gate Park, the Haight Ashbury; the names go on and on. One of the beauties of the city is that it is fairly small geographically, roughly 50 square miles, and therefore compact and easy to take in.

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