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South Coast of California

The Southern California coast starts in Santa Barbara County and majestically sweeps down to Ventura, California South Coast Malibu, Los Angeles and San Diego. From south of Santa Barbara the beaches are part of resort scenes on many big and small cities along Pacific Coast Highway 1. Golden beaches, surfing, volleyball, shopping, art galleries, and restaurants share vibrant part of Southern California coastal scenes.

A musical journey from "Surfer Girl" by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys to "LA Woman" by Jim Morrison and The Doors is a good way to sum up the diversity of LA. From Brian's girls on the beach to Jim's ashen lady in the city of night, encompasses all that is on offer in LA, "city of the angels". LA is the American dream factory, the city that has everything from Disneyland to The Viper Room, movie stars, rock bands, California girls, beautiful beaches, 85 degree days in winter, every cuisine on earth, it's all here. Frank Zappa's "Valley Girl" also comes into the equation as a symbol of generation X the fast living, convertible cruising nouveau riche elite who's every whim is catered for in the playground that is LA. L.A. is what you want it to be, cosmopolitan, quaint, crazy, quiet sophisticated, down-home and everything in between. After you have experienced the maelstrom that is LA you will fully understand the last verse of "Hotel California by the Eagles "You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave"!

Santa Monica has some world class resorts, spas and hotels near the beach. The colorful city of Santa Monica is sandwiched between Venice and Malibu along the beautiful coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Santa Monica easily accessible - 8 miles from Los Angles International Airport (LAX), 13 miles from downtown Los Angeles, making Santa Monica the perfect place to stay while visiting Disneyland, Beverly Hills, Universal Studios Hollywood, or Santa Monica's own unique attractions.

Hollywood became part of the greater Los Angeles area in 1910, and just one year later the first motion picture studio was established. Today, Hollywood is synonymous with the film industry, portraying visions of glamour and nostalgia to a degree unmatched anywhere else. Many visitors come to Hollywood expecting to find a gleaming city filled with movie stars, posh restaurants, grand mansions and expensive shopping areas.

The best way to see Beverly Hills the home of the stars is to take a tour bus where your friendly guide will point out the homes of the rich and famous many hidden behind huge hedges and palm trees. Above Santa Monica Boulevard is where the mansions start. The tree lined streets are filled with Bentley's and Ferrari's and beautiful people who shop in the world famous Rodeo Drive where every major designer name in fashion has a boutique, Armani, Gucci, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, the jewelry stores boast names like Cartier and Tiffany.

Disneyland is celebrating the passing of 50 summers since its gates first opened July 17, 1955. Fifty summers of parades and fireworks, of Mickey and Minnie, of playing host to people from all over the world.

As a tourist attraction, Universal Studios Hollywood ranks second in southern California only to Disneyland.

South of Santa Monica is Venice Beach /Muscle Beach. Venice has a great Farmer's Market at the weekend where you can get some plate busting great American breakfasts.

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"Still missing you California blue" Roy Orbison.

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