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South Coast - Los Angeles

A musical journey from "Surfer Girl" by Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys to "LA Woman" by Jim Morrison and The Doors is a good way to sum up the diversity of LA. From Brian's girls on the beach to Jim's ashen lady in the city of night, encompasses all that is on offer in LA, "city of Los Angeles the angels". Los Angeles is the American dream factory, the city that has everything from Disneyland to The Viper Room, movie stars, rock bands, California girls, beautiful beaches, 85 degree days in winter, every cuisine on earth, it's all here. Frank Zappa's "Valley Girl" also comes into the equation as a symbol of generation X the fast living, convertible cruising nouveau riche elite who's every whim is catered for in the playground that is LA. L.A. is what you want it to be, cosmopolitan, quaint, crazy, quiet sophisticated, down-home and everything in between. After you have experienced the maelstrom that is LA you will fully understand the last verse of "Hotel California by the Eagles "You can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave"!

Covering an area of 469 sq miles with a Population of 10,100,000, L.A. is all about neighborhoods (though some are technically cities) - some are world famous - BEVERLY HILLS, HOLLYWOOD, UNIVERSAL CITY, MALIBU, SANTA MONICA, VENICE, BURBANK, SAN FERNANDO VALLEY, PASADENA, CENTURY CITY, SOUTH CENTRAL (now SOUTH LOS ANGELES) - including world famous streets such as SUNSET, MELROSE, OLIVERA, RODEO, SANTA MONICA, MULHOLLAND, LA is a thriving hybrid, a conglomeration of 88 independent cities sprawling over a vast urban metropolis.

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