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Anguilla - General Information

Anguilla is just 16 miles long and 3 miles wide at its widest point (35 square miles in total). It is a flat dry island, with white sand beaches and pristine turquoise waters. Offshore islands, like Scilly Cay, can be easily accessed by boat. There are no casinos on Aquilla.

anguilla-map (19K)

13,250 approximately.

Anguilla can be reached by air and by sea:-

  • By Air - Anguilla's airport is not long enough for commercial jets, so most visitors arrive by local airlines such as WINAIR, LIAT, Caribbean Star or American Eagle. The nearest international gateways are San Juan and Antigua (1 hour flight) or St. Martin (7 minute flight). Private charters are also available.
  • By Sea - a ferry operates from St. Martin (Marigot Bay) to Anguilla (Blowing Hole) every half-hour. Journey time 20-minutes. A charter ferry service is also available.

Time difference
GMT - 4 hours

Whilst the official local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar (EC$), US currency is widely accepted throughout the island. Prices on menus, in hotels and for activities are generally quoted in US dollars.

The voltage is 110 volts.

The below temperatures are maximum average temperatures in degrees Celsius. The rainfall is recorded in inches. This weather information should be treated as a guide only.
anguilla temperature guide

Anguilla weather varies little between seasons because of its tropical location. Though rainy days may make up a small part of Anguilla weather, the climate here is more arid than you would expect for the Caribbean. Any showers are usually short-lived, a result of the building humidity, and are replaced quickly by a fresh sunny blue sky.
If you have any concerns regarding hurricanes and the timing of your Anguilla holiday then here are a few sites that can provide more detailed information:

Here is a link to another Caribbean island weather site :

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