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The Grenadines - Bequia

The largest of the Grenadine islands (7 square miles), Bequia lies just 9 miles south of St. Vincent. And whilst it does now boast its own airstrip, it is traditionally (and most enjoyably!) reached via an hour-long ferry ride from the

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main island of St. Vincent. Bequia's history is closely entwined with the sea, the age-old traditions of boat-building, fishing and whaling still very much in evidence here. It cannot lay claim to the deluxe resorts or white sand beaches of other Grenadine islands, yet its informal ambience, picturesque harbour and enticing array of waterfront bars and restaurants mean it's still well worth visiting, if only for a few days.

Getting around is easy, water taxis are everywhere and a walkway meanders from the main town of Port Elizabeth right along Admiralty Bay - Frangipani Hotel, The Whaleboner Inn, The Green Boley and Mac's Pizzeria are all favourite hang-outs with the yachties who come back year after year. The annual Sailing Regatta over Easter is great fun for sailors and landlubbers alike!

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