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St. Lucia - General Information

St. Lucia is a lush, mountainous and volcanic island about 27-miles long by 14-miles wide. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea on its west coast and the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast.

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165,000 approximately

The island has two airports: Hewannora International in the south of the island and the smaller local airport, George F.L. Charles, in the north. Make sure you know which one you're flying into and how far it is away from your resort, as transfer times can vary considerably (anything from 15 to 90-minutes) and you don't really want to have a nasty surprise after a long plane journey! If you are landing in Hewannora and staying at the other end of the island (or vice versa), it is worth knowing that helicopter transfers can cut an hour off the length of the transfer.

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Time difference
GMT - 4 hours

St. Lucia's local currency is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is linked to the US dollar (US$1 = EC$2.65 approximately). US dollars are generally accepted and major credit cards are also welcome in most hotels, restaurants and shops.

In general, the electrical voltage is 220 volts and most sockets take 3-pin square plugs, like the U.K. There are exceptions, however, and some hotels are 110 volts and take either 2-pin round plugs or flat American-style plugs.

Jazz Festival
St. Lucia's Jazz Festival is one of the most successful in the Caribbean. This year's event took place between April 29 and May 8 and features such well-known names as the Isley Brothers and UB40.

The below temperatures are maximum average temperatures in degrees Celsius. The rainfall is recorded in inches. This information should be treated as a guide only. f you have any concerns regarding hurricanes and the timing of your St. Lucia holiday then here are a couple of sites that can provide more detailed information:

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