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Best restaurants and bars in St. Lucia

DRAGONFLY, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort
st. lucia - dragonfly Award-winning Executive Chef, Bobo Bergstrom, really shows what he's made of in Windjammer Landing's signature restaurant. He enjoys blending the best of the East with the finest of the West and anything from Conch Samosas to Lobster Mash Potatoes can make an appearance on his menus. The setting is equally inspiring, the stylish restaurant featuring exotic flower displays and the finest in Asian teak furnishings. Get there before sunset and you're in for a particular treat. Reservations essential.    Phone +1 (758) 456-9000

Dasheene's panoramic mountain views are so breathtaking that, for once, the Ladera Resort, St.Lucia - Dasheenecuisine tends to be secondary. Yet St. Lucian Head Chef, Nigel Mitchel, works with visiting European chefs to create contemporary delicacies that do their best to live up to their magical setting. The very freshest seafood like grilled barracuda and pan-fried shrimp are on offer, as are hand-picked local vegetables and herbs. Come early for a drink at the Tcholit Bar and revel in the close-up views of The Pitons.
Dinner reservations essential.    Phone +1 (758) 459-7323

FROGGIE JACQUES, Vigie Marina, Castries
Froggie Jacques offers a fusion of French and Caribbean cuisine in a cosy waterside setting just outside Castries. And whilst the Gallic influences are predominant, fresh herbs and local seafood (ask about the fresh lobster in season) contribute an appropriate sense of place. Congenial owner and chef, Jacky Rioux, opened the restaurant in 1999 after serving his time in eateries round Europe, Africa, the Middle East and West Indies. A good idea for both lunch and dinner, reservations for a waterside table are a must.
Phone +1 (758) 458-1900

THE COAL POT, Vigie Marina, Castries
st. lucia - the coal pot This award-winning waterside restaurant has been run since the 1960's by Michelle Elliot and her French husband, Xavier. Its trademark is New World cuisine and the marriage of simple French cooking with the freshest Caribbean ingredients. Fresh fish prepared in various to-die-for sauces is the ideal lunch choice, with Coquilles St. Jacques and smoked salmon adding a continental flavour to the local delicacies at dinner. With just ten tables, its intimate, friendly and romantic.
Reservations essential.    Phone +1 (758) 452-5566

Also amongst the longest established restaurants in St. Lucia, The Charthouse enjoys a prime setting right on the waterside in yacht-dotted Rodney Bay. It's where to go for simple, wholesome fare like charcoal-broiled prime steaks, baby back spare ribs and some of the freshest lobster on the island. The ambience is friendly and welcoming (many of the staff have been there since the restaurant opened 16 years ago); the Cuban cigars and constant tradewinds contributing to the pleasurable experience.
Phone +1 (758) 452-8115

CHIC, Royal St. Lucian
The signature restaurant of the Royal St. Lucian Hotel, Chic is an appropriately-named fine dining venue where attention-to-detail is the name of the game. The stylish cream-and-chocolate décor is suitably complemented by beautifully-presented dishes chosen from an eclectic menu. Thai fish soup, jerked suckling pig, black lobster tortellini and roulade of local chicken are just some of the delicacies on offer; meals beginning with a complimentary glass of Taittinger champagne and ending with one of the superlative continental desserts. Reservations essential.    Phone +1 (758) 452-9999

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